Thursday, July 06, 2006

i heart music videos

Anyone with the slightest interest in music videos and their history should check the link below. I found it a couple of weeks ago and I'm still working through it. Chris Issack - Wicked Game...need I say more. Check now before someone high up catches on and this site has to be taken down.

i heart 80's music

Friday, June 30, 2006

Spidey 3

A year! A bloody year!

click me

Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm Baaaack!

So it's been a bit dead round here lately but sure whats new there. I've just been so busy! But the with alot of loyal...ahem...'fans' (just look at the comments) getting in touch asking why cigaretteburn is down, I've got my act together and put together this lovely post with all the latest gossip. The fact that I'm stuck in bed sick has nothing to do with this timely return.

So lets start with college. It's over. One year diploma in tv and film, done! Now the option to do a higher diploma is before me but I'm not taking it yet. I've decided to take a year out and work like a cheap pack mule as I haven't really a penny to my name. I've spent the last few years living hand to mouth and haven't any proper savings to call my own. So the year out helps me gather some much needed funds and also to work on a load of projects I'm keen to get stuck into.

So with college finished that also means I have one completed short film under my belt (If Faced). Now I'm not a particular fan of it but it has recieved some encouraging feed back. We had a screening for first and second years and the film was "well recieved". The guys at Big Fat Bear Productions are happy with it and the general feedback is "I'm very keen to see what you do next." So I guess I'll keep trucking.

So next up is actually a writing gig. I wrote a script a couple of months ago called 'Scratch' and gave it to the guys at Big Fat Bear. They liked it and the decision was made to put forward for Short Cuts, the Irish Film Board's funding scheme. We assembled the submission pack with me as writer and Ben Keenan(Rise of the Bricks) to direct. So last friday I signed my first film related contract. Was kinda exciting. So the pack is in and we'll know in September if we get the funding. It's a long wait and I really hope we get it. This will be so exciting if it goes ahead. As part of the submission we had to inclued info on "proposed style and form". Here's some snippets:

"The film is a thriller using overlapping narrative devices to create tension. "

"The short pays many homages to icons of contemporary cinema, notably Tarantino and Fincher, without allowing those homages to become the centre of the piece. It is ultimately an original story told in an original style, but with fitting and suitable filmic in-jokes which add to the piece, chosen as they were primarily for their impact and effect upon the film and quite secondarily for their source."

"The visual style of the film is very much informed by classic Tarantino and 70’s films, particularly Reservoir Dogs, but with some more contemporary flourishes giving it a very distinct feel."

"The garage is bright, with strong groupings of colour. The palette will be very simple, excluding only browns and greys, but the production design will include grouping together as much of the colours as possible on the shelves but using real products and colours so that while it may be more coherent than real life, it doesn’t feel overly composed or ethereal, it looks like a real garage without looking like a documentary"

I must also say the true gurillea filmmaking is fantastic. Myself, Dave, Rob and Wayne recently spent a night shooting a short chase sequence down at Bray seafront. I was the only person with any experience in the field. The plan was to produce,shoot and edit in 24hrs. Now I'm not going to edit this particular piece just yet but I learnt an awful lot in that one night and I'm keen to do it again. We had so much fun and the end result was pretty impressive I just havent the resources to edit it just yet. I'll put up a full post about the night soon.

I'm working on a full website with an aim to launch in September. This will bring all my interests together, showcase my work, have updates on all the latest projects and hopefully be a fun and interesting site to visit. Check for some of idea of what I hope to acheive.

I recently did a podcast for First Taste. The podcast is currently floating in cyperspace as we're having problems with hosting ans rss but I'll let you know where and when it's up. I had alot of fun doing it and if it's well recieved we'll do another one. Dan has been taking some most excellent photos which can be seen here. Also Dan's website 'fuzzy.bolier' is live, check that here. I've add my lastfm listings to the sidebar so you can check out who I'm listening to. Also check out the excellent 'The Fratellis'.

Now that I have wireless broadband I will be keeping this more up to date. I have lots of stuff I want to get stck into so stayed tuned. The robots are working on something fun.



Monday, March 27, 2006

Back in the game!

Well it has of course been dead round here for a wee bit but with mighty good reason! Editing "If Faced", pre-production for college studio piece, editing news insert piece, a heapof essays and all the other stuff in between. The fantastic news is that If Faced is nearly damn well finished. I've a list of about 5 things to sort in the edit, a little bit of grading, need to source 30 secs of copyright music and then author the whole lot to dvd. All this in about 12 days. I better go do some work... Here's a screen grab from If Faced. Lets call it a teaser poster!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

For those who care

Quick update: theres a rough cut down on If Faced but still plenty of work to be done. First time editing so give it time. The Dublin International Film Festival started last Friday and I'm working on that. Thats set editing back by a week but the new deadline is the end of March.

Theres still loads of good films on show as part of the festival so check for details.

This summer im really looking forward to Miami Vice and A Scanner Darkly. Check the trailers now!



Thursday, January 19, 2006

"If Faced" Photographs

You can check out photos from the "If Faced" shoot here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

If Faced - Production Diary Day "whatever"

Wellity wellity wellity. It’s all over. Well kind of. We wrapped on Saturday at 7pm. It was the end of a 12-hour day. That means a 7am start. That is one the one of the more interesting pleasures of filmmaking. I was outta bed at 6am in order to get to the location. Loadsa fun!

So I am more than happy to say the shoot was pretty flawless. The cast and crew were great. Everyone arrived on time for there calls and everyone was more than professional. I was totally amazed by everyone’s commitment, talent, professionalism and attitude towards the shoot. The shoot was fun and everyone enjoyed it. We had scheduled for a two-day shoot but everything was covered on the Saturday. We had a mini wrap party at the end of the day, just a few beers and some wine for those with ‘finer’ tastes. We watched back all the footage to double check we didn’t need any pick-ups. It was nice to see everyone stayed back and had a laugh. It meant nobody was eager to get off set. Which is always good!

Technically we had no problems. All the shots had been worked out in plenty of time so we knew exactly what we needed. Lighting was pretty straightforward. We had some problems lighting the corridor and needed diffusers. We had none! So I am quite proud to report that my rather cheap suggestion of using greaseproof paper worked quite well. Yes I am tooting my own horn!

So know we move on to the edit. I was hoping to capture the footage this week but there are problems with the Avid machines in college so editing probably wont start till next week.

Again I have to say a massive thanks to everyone involved. Shout out to:
Liam Ryan
Ben Keenan
Jessica Maxwell
Maeve Cooke
Paddy O’Reilly
Lynn Fletcher
Aishing Browne
Danielle McGrane
Gerry Shanahan
Geraldine McAlinden
Sarah Byrne
Aisling Bodkin
And anyone else I may have left out (sorry!)

Thanks for reading.